Consider These Various Heating Options When Designing A Custom Home

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Consider These Various Heating Options When Designing A Custom Home

2 March 2017
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Giving careful consideration to how your home will be heated is important when you've bought a plot of land and are having a home custom built. When you move into an existing home, you're essentially stuck with its heating method unless you want to take on a significant renovation project—but, with a custom design, you can select the heating method that suits the overall look of the home and your budget. While it's probable that you'll want a furnace, there are a number of other worthwhile heating methods to consider adding to the building project. Here are some options.


There are multiple types of fireplaces that you may find appealing. A traditional wood-burning fireplace provides plenty of heat and visual interest but also requires a fair amount of effort to maintain. (For example, you'll need to stack firewood and constantly be carrying it into the house.) If you enjoy splitting and stacking wood and have a large property with lots of trees, this is a worthwhile heating option. Another fireplace idea is a pellet stove. These fireplaces require less maintenance and will still provide a nice combination of warmth and visual appeal.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is a desirable heating feature to include in a house being built. The idea of toasty, warm feet is appealing to many homeowners, especially those who live in climates that have a long, cold winter. Radiant floor heating can be done electrically or with hot water piped beneath the floor, and each style has its own advantages. You won't likely want radiant floor heating in every room in your home, but it can be enticing in areas that are naturally cooler, such as the basement, as well as those in which you spend time in bare feet, such as the bathroom.

Electric Wall Inserts

Although they may look like fireplaces, electric wall inserts aren't the same as a fireplace that burns wood or wood pellets. Instead, they're powered by electricity. While these inserts definitely generate some cozy heat for your home, their biggest strength is arguably their visual appeal. If you favor modern home designs, for example, you may desire an electric wall insert with a sleek, brushed steel surround and glass accents inside it. This device is mounted onto your wall at your desired height and can add a classy look to rooms such as your bedroom, dining room, living room, or bathroom of your newly built custom home.

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