3 Crucial HVAC Maintenance Tasks To Do At The Start Of Summer

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3 Crucial HVAC Maintenance Tasks To Do At The Start Of Summer

9 May 2019
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When the weather warms outside and you are preparing for summer, you might not give your heating system a second thought. However, since your heating system is an integral part of your HVAC operation, being proactive about inspections and repairs is important. Here are three crucial HVAC maintenance tasks you should do before summer is in full swing and why you should do them. 

1. Replace Your Air Filters. During the winter months, your heater works hard to circulate air through your home, carefully heating it to keep your house comfortable. Unfortunately, this constant recirculation of indoor air can make your air filters fill up fast with indoor pollutants, such as cooking and cleaning fumes. Before summer is underway, talk with your heating contractor about replacing your air filters and cleaning your ductwork. Over time, significant amounts of dust and debris can accumulate within air ducts, and having things tidied up can help to ward off airflow problems that could compromise the functionality of your air conditioner. 

2. Have Your Air Exchanger Cleaned. Your HVAC system's air exchanger works to move air towards the furnace during the winter months and towards cooling coils during the summer when your air conditioner is running. Unfortunately, these coils can become laden with dust and dirt, making them less effective at removing heat and humidity from indoor air. 

Talk with your heating contractor about having your air exchanger cleaned carefully. By using special non-toxic chemicals and gentle brushes, contractors can straighten fins, remove dirt, and improve the functionality of cooling coils. 

3. Check Your Thermostat Programming. Did you remember to reset your thermostat when daylight saving time ended? Most people overlook this important task, which can make their air conditioning system less functional during the summer months. For instance, if the time is off on your thermostat, your AC unit might not switch on when it is supposed to, which can make your home feel too warm. 

Before the hottest summer months hit, check your thermostat programming and correct the date and time. Go through and check each setting for the schedule to make sure your system won't be running while you are away during the day. 

If it has been a while since your HVAC system has been inspected, schedule a checkup today. In addition to making it easy to spot potential issues, you may be able to keep your air conditioner running smoothly during the hot summer months. Contact a company like Ronnie Ritchie Service Co Inc if you need to have your system checked out.