Signs That Your Mobile Home Electric Heating Systems Need Replacement

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Signs That Your Mobile Home Electric Heating Systems Need Replacement

25 August 2019
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If your mobile home is aging and you are wondering when the appropriate time is to replace its electric heating system, then you will be pleased to learn there are some tell-tale signs the time has arrived, including:

Your Power Bills Keep Climbing, But Your House Always Feels Cold

As electric furnaces age and lose some of their energy efficiency, they will run up higher electric bills just to maintain the same heating temperatures. While the extra charges will to be smaller during the first decade of a heater's life, they will become exponentially more noticeable during the heater's second and third decades of life.

If you set your home's thermostat at 68 degrees every winter and yet your heating bills keep getting higher and higher each year, this is a sign the heater is wearing out and will need replacement sooner rather than later.

Your Heater Seems to Run All the Time or Frequently Cycles On and Off

On a cold winter day, an energy-efficient electric heating system should keep your home comfortably warm without running all the time or continually cycling on and off. 

If your mobile home's heater seems like it runs more and more each winter, just to achieve the same indoor temperature, then this is a sure sign a replacement should be considered. Additionally, if your heater seems like it turns off for just a few minutes and then fires up again on days when it isn't excessively cold outside, then this is also a sign that it isn't efficiently heating.

The Heater Squeaks, Squeals, or Makes Other Noises

Mobile home heating systems should not make much noise while they are running. You should expect to hear the motor running and air flowing from the registers, but otherwise, you shouldn't hear any squealing, squeaking, or other noises. 

If your heater has started making noise, then it may just need cleaning and oiling; however, noises coming from an older heater are a sign its lifespan may be coming to an end.

You Are on a First-Name Basis With Local HVAC Service Technicians

While you may prefer to pay smaller HVAC repair bills each winter rather than paying the higher cost of replacing the entire heating system, there does come a time when it makes a lot more sense to bite the bullet and opt for a replacement.

One last sign this time has arrived is you are on a first-name basis with the HVAC repair technicians and their office staff. If you contact their office for a service call and the person answering the phone already knows where your mobile home is located, then it just might be time for that replacement. To learn more, contact your local heating systems service.