Why It's Time For A Mid-Winter HVAC Checkup

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Why It's Time For A Mid-Winter HVAC Checkup

28 January 2020
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When temps get a little cooler, the last thing you want to think about is your central air conditioning unit. But now is the perfect time to go through and check your entire HVAC system for any underlying issues or concerns. Being proactive about your heating and cooling system is a great way to catch minor issues before they turn into a big headache. Check out these top perks of having a mid-winter HVAC checkup.  

Promotes Longevity

Calling your heating and cooling pro now to come out and service and inspect your entire unit can be beneficial for the long haul. Replacing outdated parts will help boost the life of your unit. These repairs can be done mid-winter and carry you through fluctuating temps. Winter is a good time to check into AC system repair as well as furnace maintenance. That way, your technician can order parts and get your AC performing at its best. If your unit is beyond repair, the cooler months are the perfect time to save money on a new AC system installation.

Reduces Emergency Calls

Getting your AC unit checked now when temps are cool rather than hot can help reduce having an after-hours emergency. No one likes having to face a boiling house with no air conditioning in the heat of summer. Calling in an HVAC pro on the weekend can cost a lot more as opposed to during regular business hours. Get your HVAC checkup booked now so you can make sure you're cool as a cucumber all summer long!

Boosts Efficiency 

A mid-winter HVAC checkup may reveal certain problems that are causing your system to work more sluggishly than usual. A failing capacitor or motor, as well as duct leaks and dirty filters, can all cause your entire system to not work up to its full potential. The result is significant energy loss and high utility bills. An HVAC pro may also conduct a home energy audit. The audit can pinpoint where warm air is escaping. The recommendations may be to switch to a more energy-efficient system that will save you money and make it easier to maintain interior temperatures. Installing a programmable thermostat or connecting your unit to a smart hub are additional ways to keep better track of your unit and make it really work for your household. 

While anytime is a good time for an HVAC inspection, mid-winter gives you time to prep and plan ahead without the rush. If you need AC installation or AC repair, call your heating and cooling pros now and get your home's temperatures under control. 

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