Three Common Reasons Your Air Conditioning Unit May Not Be Cooling Your Home

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Three Common Reasons Your Air Conditioning Unit May Not Be Cooling Your Home

24 March 2020
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If your home is not cooling down once the air conditioning unit is kicking on, it is recommended that you go to the vents in your home and feel if cold air is blowing out or not. If the air that is being blown into your home feels slightly cool, but your home is not getting as cool as you would like, you should contact an air conditioning repair company. There are many reasons why your unit may be blowing cool air, but not enough to fully cool down your home. Here are three common reasons why this may happen. 

Your Evaporator Coils Are Frozen

One of the reasons why your air conditioning unit may be blowing cold air into your home, but not enough to cool your home completely, is because the evaporator coils inside your air conditioning unit are frozen. When your evaporator coils are frozen, the coils expand. This minimizes the amount of air that can sit in the cooling part of your unit, which in turn, decreases the amount of cold air that is blown into your home. Evaporator coils typically freeze if a fan is not circulating air, so your fan should be inspected. 

Your Condenser Coils Are Covered in Dirt and Dust

Another reason why your air conditioning unit may not be fully cooling your home is because the condenser coils are covered in dirt and dust. If the coils are covered in dirt and dust, they may not be able to cool air effectively or efficiently. In turn, air will get slightly cooler, but not as cool as you would like. Routinely having your coils cleaned can help to prevent this issue. 

Your Unit Is Low on Refrigerant or Freon

The final reason why your air conditioning unit may not be able to fully cool your home is because your unit is low on refrigerant or Freon. Freon and refrigerant are responsible for running through the evaporator coils and cooling air. If your unit is running low, air may not get as cold as you would like. Refilling or topping off refrigerant or Freon can solve this problem. 

Your air conditioning unit has many different parts that can wear out or fail to work properly. These parts can cause your unit to not produce any cool air or to not produce enough cool air to cool your home completely. If your unit is producing cool air, but your home is still too warm for your liking, the evaporator coils may be frozen, you may have dirty condenser coils, or your unit may be running low on refrigerant. Call an AC repair company today to have your unit inspected and repaired.