The Radiant Heating Repair Guide To Have Hot Water For Summer And Get Ready For Winter

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The Radiant Heating Repair Guide To Have Hot Water For Summer And Get Ready For Winter

6 July 2020
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If your home has a radiant heating system, it is what is used to provide your home with hot water. During the summer months, problems with the boiler can cause issues with plumbing. If you have problems with hot water during the summer months, you may need repairs to get your system ready for winter. The following radiant heating repair guide will help ensure you have hot water this summer and get ready for winter: 

Repairs to the Sanitation Pump

The modern radiant heating boiler has separate pumps for the heating and sanitation system. During the summer months, if there is a problem with the sanitation pump, it can cause the plumbing in your home to not have hot water. Therefore, one of the repairs that you may need to have done is to repair the pump. In addition to the sanitation pump, you are also going to need to check the heating system pump to make sure it is working when you need it for winter.

Checking and Repairing the Burner

The burner of your boiler is another area that needs to be checked and may need repairs. The first thing that needs to be done is to clean any soot from the boiler's burner. It should be tested to make sure the fan and parts are working correctly. If the burner is not heating the tubes inside the boiler, it is going to need repairs to solve the problem. There may also be filters for the boiler system that need to be cleaned. If you have a biomass boiler, the fuel system needs maintenance, and the inside of the burner compartment will need to be cleaned regularly.

Flush and Check Radiators for Problems

Lastly, while repairs are being done to the boiler, you will also want to do maintenance to the radiators. When flushing the radiators or heaters of the radiant heating system, you will want to repair the leaks and other problems. These issues with your heating system will need to be repaired before the summer months. There may be fittings and other parts that need to be replaced on the radiators or baseboard heaters before the winter months. Make sure to do these repairs when repairing the boiler.

When you are having a problem with the hot water in your home, contact a heating repair contractor. Ask them about the repairs your boiler needs to ensure you have hot water, and your heating system is ready for winter.