The Heating Repairs For Boilers And In-Floor Heating Systems Before Summer

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The Heating Repairs For Boilers And In-Floor Heating Systems Before Summer

13 May 2021
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If you have an in-floor heating system installed in your home, repairs may need to be done before turning it off. The problems with these systems can lead to water damage if they are left during the warmer months. The following in-floor heating system repairs are some of the problems you may need to have repaired before summer.

Failing Pumps

Your heating system uses a water pump to circulate fluids through the tubes beneath the floors. This pump can fail and cause your home to not get warm. These problems are often easy to repair if caught before the pump completely freezes and the motor is damaged. In addition to the pump that the heating system uses, additional pumps are used for the hot water in your household plumbing. Therefore, you want to make sure to have problems with pumps repaired before you turn the heating off.

Faulty Valves

In-floor heating systems have several types of valves installed. These include shutoff and bleeder valves. The shutoff valves allow you to shut the water off to certain areas and bleeder valves allow you to remove air from lines. In addition, the boiler has special pressure relief valves. All these components need to be working properly to ensure your heating is working properly and safely. It is a good idea to have faulty valves replaced when doing spring repairs to your in-floor heating system.

Leaking Heater Lines

There are also many different lines for the tubes of an in-floor heating system. The tubes beneath the floor shouldn't leak if they are properly installed and maintained. The problems usually happen at the connections to lines coming from the boiler or manifolds. Inspect these connections and pipes to your heating for problems that need to be repaired. To protect these lines from damage, you can shut them off at the boiler or manifold.

Failing Boiler Components

There are also components of the boiler that can fail. Since the boiler probably provides hot water to plumbing, too, these issues need to be repaired. The problems with boilers are often due to the burner, thermocouple, and control panel. Damaged boiler tubes can also cause your system not to work properly. Service your boiler and repair any problems before changing the settings.

In-floor heating systems should be inspected and serviced before summer to ensure you don't have problems. Contact a heating repair service for help with repairs that need to be done to your system before you turn it off.