3 Common Issues With Commercial Air Conditioners

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3 Common Issues With Commercial Air Conditioners

3 February 2022
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A commercial AC maintains comfortable indoor temperatures, which helps boost productivity in a business environment. Unlike residential AC's, commercial air conditioning units are bigger and work more to cool larger areas. As a result, (despite regular maintenance), commercial AC can develop issues such as unusual sounds or inconsistent airflow.

If your commercial AC loses efficiency, a qualified AC contractor can inspect it and fix any problems. Learn about the common issues that your commercial air conditioner is likely to experience. 

Strange Noises

Unusual noises are a sign of mechanical issues with your AC. For instance, if you hear clanking or banging noises, your unit might have a broken fan or a loose piece of ductwork. 

On the other hand, squealing sounds as the unit runs indicate trouble with your AC's fan belt. With regular use, the fan belt can deteriorate or get misaligned. When you notice this sound, you should switch off your unit call a technician. 

Buzzing sounds can be due to loose parts, debris in your unit, a dirty air filter, a failing motor, or refrigerant leaks. Also, if you hear clicking sounds and your AC won't start, electrical issues with the capacitor, thermostat, or compressor might be the real reason for these noises. 

Inconsistent Airflow

Inconsistent airflow occurs when the air conditioner can't cool your commercial facility properly. The result is multiple cold and hot spots in the air-conditioned spaces.

Clogged filters are a common cause of inconsistent airflow. These AC filters keep dust and debris from your system and ductwork. The air filters will restrict normal airflow if they're clogged or overloaded. As a result, you will have poor air quality and uneven cooling in your commercial facility.

Debris can also cause equipment breakdown. So, change your filters regularly to keep your AC functional when you need it most. 

If your AC has undersized ductwork, dust build-up can clog your ducts and impede proper airflow. Additionally, the ductwork can develop cracks or holes and cause the conditioned air to leak out. Such leaky ducts would need replacement. Your AC technician can clean dirty ducts to restore proper airflow.

Condenser Issues

Clogged condenser coils also restrict smooth airflow. Accumulated particles can cause the coil fins to wear out and lead to poor heat transfer. Luckily, a regular coil cleaning routine can help keep this problem at bay.  

In addition, refrigerant leaks can develop on the condenser coil and cause your AC to malfunction. With low refrigerant levels, your commercial unit strains to do its job and may not produce enough cold air. 

If you experience any of these issues with your commercial AC, a professional AC repair contractor can help. Also, keep up with regular preventative maintenance to catch problems early before they escalate and become costlier to fix.   

If you are looking for AC repair specialists, be sure to check out the websites of contractors in your area.