Air Conditioning Repairs That Help Condensation Drainage In Your Air Handler

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Air Conditioning Repairs That Help Condensation Drainage In Your Air Handler

22 June 2022
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When the weather is hot and humid in the summer, your AC not only cools your house, it also pulls humidity from the air so the inside of your home stays dry and cool. The process of pulling moisture from the air creates a lot of condensation that drains from your air handler. Here are some potential problems and the repairs that may be needed for the condensation system.

How The AC Condensation System Works

Moisture from the air is removed when it forms condensation on the evaporator coil. The water drips into a pan that has a drain connected to the outdoors. This allows all the water to flow away from the air handler and your house.

The pan might also contain a pump and a float switch. The pump might be needed to move water out of the drain if your air handler is in the basement, and the float switch activates the pump when it needs to turn on.

The condensation system in your air conditioner is important to maintain or it might stop working, and then your AC might shut down if the float switch senses the water is too high. If your AC doesn't shut down and the drain stops working, water could spill inside the air handler or on your floor and cause rust and water damage.

When To Call An Air Conditioning Repair Service

If the float switch shuts down your air conditioner, you may have no idea what's wrong with your equipment. An air conditioning repair technician has to check the error codes and various systems and parts to track down the source of the problem so it can be fixed. So, if your AC isn't working, call for help. The problem might be a simple clogged condensation drain.

Another time to call for help is when you notice water around the base of your air handler. You might notice a musty odor first or mildew. When you see signs of water damage, call an air conditioning repair service and let them know. If your AC doesn't have a safety switch that turns the AC off, water will keep spilling on the floor.

What Air Conditioning Repairs Could Be Needed

Sometimes the drain to the outside clogs. This might happen due to algae, dust, or debris that gets inside the drain. A repair technician can clear the clog with a wet vac or blast of water or air. They may also clean the drain and pan with a treatment that kills algae and keeps it from coming back.

Another problem that might develop is rust eating away at the pan and creating a hole that lets water leak out before it can drain away. The repair technician might remove the rust and plug the hole since replacing the pan might not be possible if it's attached to the evaporator coil.

Air conditioning repairs might include replacing some parts too. If your AC has a pump and float switch, these might go bad and malfunction. In that case, they need to be replaced.