Why Should You Service Your Air Conditioner Annually?

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Why Should You Service Your Air Conditioner Annually?

29 September 2022
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Most folks forget about their AC units after installation. They'll only remember that they own air conditioners during summer. Surprisingly, the only maintenance people do is change air filters. However, there is much more to AC system maintenance than changing dirty air filters. You'll have to engage an HVAC technician to help service your AC unit. Here is why? 

Cleaning Components

As your air conditioner cools your space, it will also filter any dirt from the air. But do you know that dust, pollen, and other tiny particles are trapped in the air filters and other air conditioner components? That said, you'll need to have these components cleaned annually. And the best time to do so is when you invite an air conditioner technician for routine maintenance.

Improved Cooling

You can consider your air conditioner useless if it no longer cools your home efficiently. You'd have no reason to turn the AC unit on during summer if it doesn't reduce the room's temperature. Luckily, you don't have to be concerned about inefficient cooling if you are serious about air conditioning services. Your technician will always ensure that your AC system is ready to make your life comfortable as summer approaches.

Reduce Allergies

Air conditioners can help greatly in reducing allergens in your home. But that is only possible if you routinely service your AC system. Neglecting your AC unit might put your family's health at risk. And as much as the air filters try to trap most allergens, they'll eventually get clogged, compromising their ability to reduce allergies. Therefore, you'll need to invest in air conditioning services to keep allergies away.

Improved Air Quality

Turning on your AC system doesn't guarantee clean air at home. If the AC unit hasn't been serviced in a long time, you won't like the air it blows in your home. In any case, the air in your space will become dusty and musty once you turn on the air conditioner. So, if you want to enjoy cool, fresh air, you must get your air conditioning system maintained annually.

Extended Life Span

All AC systems have a set life span, but most fail before reaching their expected life span. Experts attribute the failure to a lack of maintenance. Therefore, you must service your AC system often to extend its life span. Routine maintenance can buy you a few more years before you set aside funds to replace your AC system. At least you'll never get stressed about replacing your AC unit prematurely if you have been servicing it as required.

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