Clean Your Window Air Conditioning Unit's Condensate Line And Drip Pan

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Clean Your Window Air Conditioning Unit's Condensate Line And Drip Pan

12 June 2017
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If water is dripping from your window air conditioning unit's condensate line, debris may be stuck inside of the line's interior and causing water to back up. The following steps describe how to clean a condensate line's interior and the drip pan that is under the air conditioner to restore the unit to its original condition.


  • towel
  • vinyl drop cloths
  • cordless drill
  • bucket
  • tube brush
  • detergent
  • water
  • chlorine bleach
  • shop vacuum cleaner (with hose attachment)
  • scouring pad

Loosen One End Of The Line And Clean Its Interior

Use a towel to dry the flooring that is underneath the air conditioner. Lay a couple vinyl drop cloths across the flooring and place a bucket on top of them. Use a cordless drill to loosen and remove hardware that is secured to the end of the condensate line and the air conditioner. Tilt the end of the line into the bucket to release water and dirt that is in the line's interior. If residue is stuck inside of the line, use a tube brush or a vacuum cleaner hose to eliminate it. 

Pour a small amount of chlorine bleach through the line. After doing so, hold the end of the line upwards to prevent bleach from spilling onto the floor. The bleach will assist with removing residue that is stuck to interior portions of the line that weren't eliminated with the scrub brush or vacuum hose. It will also neutralize foul odors that are a result of stagnant water and grime that has been inside of the line for extended amounts of time. 

Clean The Opposite End Of The Line And The Drip Pan

Use a power drill to reattach the hardware to the end of the condensate line and the air conditioning unit. Go outdoors and locate the opposite end of the condensate line. Use the same steps to clean the opening that were used to clean the opposite end of the line.

Go back inside of your home and empty the drip pan that is underneath the air conditioner's condenser coil. If there are dirty substances inside of the pan, use a soapy scouring pad to eliminate them. Rinse the pan out with warm water before replacing the pan under the air conditioner. Remove the tarps from the floor and turn on the air conditioner. If you successfully cleaned the condensate line's interior, water will no longer be dripping from the end of the line. Contact a company like Air Cool AC Inc to learn more.