Transform Your Spare Bedroom Into A Cool, Dark Retreat

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Transform Your Spare Bedroom Into A Cool, Dark Retreat

12 June 2017
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If you drive a tractor for long hours each day and come home feeling frazzled and are often covered in sweat, transform your spare bedroom into a cool, dark retreat that you can rest and entertain yourself in by completing the following tips. When finished, you will have the perfect spot to comfortably unwind in while beating the heat outdoors.

Install A Window Air Conditioner And Oscillating Fans

Purchase a window air conditioner and install it in one of the bedroom's windows. Ask a friend to assist you with lifting the unit if it is heavy. Open the window and set the unit on top of the bottom sill, making sure that the unit's flange overlaps the sill. Close the window so that it rests evenly on top of the unit.

Go outdoors and use a power drill and hardware to install a bracket underneath the unit's exterior. Go back in the bedroom and release the fan panels that are secured to the sides of the air conditioner to cover gaps that are on either side of the unit. Buy a couple oscillating fans and plug in their power cords. By using both the air conditioner and the fans, you will decrease the temperature inside of the room while increasing ventilation. 

Hang Blinds And Thick Drapes

Measure the windows in the room and purchase blinds that are wide and long enough to cover exposed glass. Install brackets over the windows by securing hardware to them with a standard screwdriver or a power drill. Buy thick drapes that are a dark color and hang them from curtain rods that are secured over the brackets. The blinds and drapes will prevent sunlight from entering your retreat and will provide you with privacy while you are spending time alone or with a couple of friends.

Add A Lounge Chair, Couch, Table, And Electronics

Place a lounge chair, couch, and coffee table inside of the room. Consider setting the furniture directly in front of the air conditioner so that you are greeted with a cool blast of air whenever you are sitting or lying down. Install a television set, gaming system, and stereo in the room. Set a remote control and gaming equipment on the coffee table so that they are within reach.

After a hard day's work, you can sprawl out on the couch or lay back on the chair while surfing channels or playing one of your favorite games. If you feel like meditating and would like to listen to some calming music or the sounds of nature, turn on the stereo and play recordings that you have previously made.

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