Tackling A Frozen Window Air Conditioner With Likely Causes And Solutions

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Tackling A Frozen Window Air Conditioner With Likely Causes And Solutions

17 August 2017
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Even though centrally integrated cooling systems are usually a more efficient option, many homeowners have to rely on a window air conditioning unit to keep their homes cooled. If you have one of these more portable cooling units, you can expect to get quite a bit of use out of it. However, these window units do not come without problems. One of the most common problems you could face with a window unit is seeing it glaze over with ice in such a way that it will no longer offer cool air. If this occurs, there are a few likely culprits you should know. Take a look at some of the reasons why a window air conditioner freezes over and what you can do in these situations. 

Your window unit is freezing because there are problems with the interior fan. 

A window unit has a fan inside that is used to push warm air over the coils to create colder, dehumidified air that is then expelled through the vents of the unit. If the fan inside of your window air conditioner is not functioning as it should, it can prevent the continuous warm air from flowing over the coils, which can cause the condensation on those coils to start freezing.

In some cases, the fan is not providing enough warm air through the unit on a low setting, so all you need to do is turn the unit off, allow the ice to melt, and then turn the air conditioner on a higher fan setting. However, if the fan is not working at all or sounds rattly, it could mean the fan needs to be replaced, which should only be tackled by an AC repair professional. 

Your window air unit is freezing because of improper ventilation. 

The window unit operates by pulling warm air from inside of the house inside, cooling it, then cycling the air back through into the home. If the process of pulling warm air into the unit is disrupted because of a clogged filter or blocked ventilation housing, it can cause the unit to freeze. 

Thankfully, there is a simple solution to problems with lack of proper ventilation with a window unit. Simply pull off the front cover of your air conditioner, remove the filter, and clean the filter and the area where the filter is usually seated. This eliminates dust and grime that could be blocking warm air from being pulled into the unit. 

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