Too Big, Too Small? Signs That Your Home's A/C System Is Not Properly Sized

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Too Big, Too Small? Signs That Your Home's A/C System Is Not Properly Sized

29 November 2018
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A home air conditioning unit might be compared to a pair of shoes. If it is too large or too small, it will be unable to properly cool the space, and your relationship with it will become uncomfortable or even unhealthy. But if the HVAC system was selected and sized correctly for the space where it is installed, it will be able to provide many years of great service and comfort, just like a good pair of properly fitting, high-quality shoes. 

Homeowners who are experiencing problems with the comfort level of their homes during the cooling season can use the following information to help them determine whether a sizing issue is at fault. 

Signs that your air conditioning unit is too small

Central air conditioning systems work by drawing in the warm, humid air inside your home and then processing it to remove the excess humidity and cool the air. The degree to which the system attempts to cool the air is controlled by the setting on the thermostat. 

If the air conditioning unit is properly sized, the system will cycle as needed to maintain the desired temperature. If it is too small, it will need to work much harder to do so, and the homeowner may experience some of all of the following issues: 

  • excessively high cooling costs 
  • hearing the A/C system run continuously without stopping
  • experiencing uncomfortably humid conditions inside the home

An air conditioning unit that is too small will also create unevenly cooled areas within the home.

Homes that have been enlarged or that have undergone some type of interior structural change that alters the amount of space the system must cool should always have their HVAC system checked to make sure it is properly sized to handle the additional cooling load. 

Signs that your air conditioning system is oversized

Bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to the home air conditioning system. An air conditioning system that short cycles—meaning that it turns on and off frequently with very short run times—cannot remove enough humidity from the air to create a comfortable home. 

Short cycling creates excessive wear on the components of the system, shortening its effective lifespan as well as raising utility bills. This issue also causes some rooms to feel too cold, while others feel much too warm. 

If your home air conditioning system is exhibiting any of the symptoms of improper sizing, having it assessed by a HVAC repair and installation contractor like Environmental Contractors can help you determine the most cost-effective solution.