Why Your New HVAC May Be More Or Less Expensive

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Why Your New HVAC May Be More Or Less Expensive

4 January 2019
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If you are looking for a new HVAC system after your old HVAC system has failed, you might notice that there are large variations in how much an HVAC system might cost and you might wonder about the justification for this. Understanding why HVAC system prices vary can help you make a more informed decision when hunting for a new one. 

The System Size

One of the largest factors determining how expensive your new HVAC system will be is how large the system will be. For this reason, it's important to not choose an HVAC system that is larger than necessary. But not only will an unnecessarily large HVAC system cost more money, but it will often cycle on and off, which is a less efficient way to cool your home.

The Overall Installation Process

If you are moving into a new home that does not have the infrastructure necessary for an HVAC system, you will need to spend extra money. Your home may not have air ducts and it may not be prepared to accommodate newly installed air ducts. 

You will save more money if you replace both your air conditioner and your furnace at the same time. Typically, a furnace is expected to last for about 20 years. Also, if you replace your furnace before winter begins, you'll receive more efficiency gains. 

The Type of System

Different types of cooling systems can vary in price. For example, a heat pump tends to be more expensive than an evaporative cooler. But the evaporative cooler is only effective under certain climates. An evaporative cooler circulates water and uses it to cool down the air. However, if the air is already too humid, it may not be effective. For this reason, they are often used under dryer climates.

Depending on how many units you need, you may be able to save money on a ductless mini-split system. These systems can keep individual rooms cool and if you only need one unit, it may be the least expensive option. However, if you need to cool multiple rooms, you may be better off with a central air unit. 

Another factor that can affect the price of your air conditioner is that many air conditioners come with supplemental systems that aren't included in the base price of the HVAC system. For example, there are some systems that are designed to make it easier to breathe.