Furnace Repair: Faqs

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Furnace Repair: Faqs

13 December 2019
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When it comes to the appliances in your home, your heating system is by far one of the more important appliances. The last thing that you and your family want or need is for your furnace to stop working on you during the winter season. Here are a few answers to some of the more commonly asked questions regarding furnace maintenance and repair.

Does a Heating System Need to Be Serviced Regularly?

It is important that your furnace undergo routine maintenance at least once a year. A professional will come to your home, inspect the furnace, and make any necessary repairs. This helps to maintain your warranty and its efficiency, lowering your operating costs in the long run.

Should Repairs Be Attempted by a Homeowner?

Regarding installation and repairs of heating systems, the individual doing the installing or repairing require extensive knowledge, advanced training, and a unique skill set to ensure that the work is performed safely and accurately. If these are not skills that you have, it is recommended to contact a licensed HVAC professional to handle the work.

How Long Will Repairs Take?

If a furnace is being replaced, you can expect it to take the day, assuming no repairs need to be made to your ductwork. If the furnace requires any additional work to the existing system, then it could take several days. Smaller repairs like replacing a flame sensor or igniter tend to take less than a day. If you attempt DIY repairs, it may take significantly longer to perform them.

What Happens If You Put Repairs Off?

If you fail to take care of heating system repairs immediately, there is a higher risk of the system breaking down. When left unchecked, old, worn-out, or damaged heating system components could create a serious carbon monoxide leak, which is incredibly dangerous to all those in the household. Procrastinating furnace repairs can lead to more expensive and extensive repairs down the road. When a small issue is left untreated, it can quickly spiral into a much bigger and more costly repair. If your furnace is running inefficiently, you may notice a spike in your heating bills.

Hopefully, the above has answered any questions that you may have. If not and you would like to learn more about furnace repairs or you would like to schedule an appointment for maintenance or repairs, contact a furnace repair service in your local area.