Spring Air Conditioner Repairs You Will Need To Get Your Home Ready For Summer

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Spring Air Conditioner Repairs You Will Need To Get Your Home Ready For Summer

10 March 2021
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As the weather begins to break and get a little warmer, it is time to do the last of the maintenance to your heating. The AC is also going to need your attention and may need some repairs before it can be used. The following air conditioner repairs will need to be done to get your home ready for summer weather:

Dealing with Damage to the Condensing Unit

The condensing unit is the component of your AC that is located outside with the fan. This is also an area that is vulnerable to severe damage. Often, the AC unit's damage is due to problems with storm damage, but there may be other issues with worn-out parts. You want to inspect the condensing unit this spring and repair any problems before using your air conditioner.

Problems With the Capacitor and Electrical Wiring

There are issues with electrical wiring and components that can also be damaged and need repairs. One of the main causes of AC failures that cause the system to not turn on is a bad capacitor. These problems can happen due to weather, or they just wear out and fail, which means they need to be replaced. Other problems with the electrical wiring or thermostat will also need to be addressed before using your system.

Failing Compressors and AC Refrigerant Leaks

The compressor is one of your AC components that can fail and cause issues when you turn the system on. This can sometimes be due to wear, or it can be because of winter damage. Some of the problems with the compressor and leaks that may need repairs include:

  • Damaged motor
  • Leaking compressor unit
  • Condensing coil leaks

These are some of the issues with AC compressors that need to be repaired. If your system needs to be charged, you can be certain that there are other issues that need to be repaired as well.

Replacing Other Worn Out AC Components

There may be some other components of your AC system that need to be replaced after simply wearing out. Some of these components include bushings, bearings for motors, and fan belts. Inspect all these AC parts and replace any that are showing signs of wear before using your system.

The AC repairs need to be done before you turn your system on to ensure they do not get worse. Contact an air conditioner repair service to help fix these problems before you need your AC this summer.