Buying Water Heaters: Essential Things You Need To Know

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Buying Water Heaters: Essential Things You Need To Know

9 June 2021
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Modern households may need water heaters for different purposes. Whether it's doing your laundry, washing dishes, or bathing, water heaters are essential for every home. This shows why 18% of households' energy consumption goes to water heating. However, if you're thinking of purchasing a water heater, you may want a system that can cater to you and your family's needs. This post offers useful insights to get you started:

Consider Energy Efficiency

Regardless of your fuel source, a water heater can consume considerable energy in your household. That's why you need to purchase an energy-efficient system that meets the standard requirements. The unit's energy factor can guide you during your purchase. It shows the water system's energy efficiency. A system with a higher rating can save more energy.

Consider Pricing

Your system's cost of installation will depend on different factors, such as the water heater type. Installing the traditional water heating system may be cheaper compared to tankless heaters. While modern water heaters may be a bit costly, they can be the best for long-term use. Their large size and insulation allow them to be more energy-efficient. 

Signs Your Water Heater has Issues

Water heaters are useful appliances in many households, but they can develop mechanical issues like any other gadget. Understanding any signs of failure is important because you can sort it before it advances. If you're wondering the signs to watch, here are a few:

  • Water heater leakages
  • Water with unusual color, taste, or smell
  • Odd noises in your system

Maintaining Water Heaters

Typically, water heater maintenance isn't difficult. All you'll need is to schedule annual cleaning at least once or twice. Cleaning involves the removal of mineral scale and sediment. This will not only prevent corrosion but will also extend the system's lifespan. While cleaning, do not forget to inspect for common issues like leakages. 

Space Requirements

You need to consider the available space in your household when purchasing a water heater. If you don't have enough space for a standard system, you can go for other alternatives available in the market. 

Some models are designed to fit in limited spaces, but with the same storage capacity as standard water heaters. This means you can utilize spaces like underneath cabinets and crawl spaces for their installation. Another option you may want to check out are tankless heaters, which can take less space than traditional systems. 


If you're a homeowner, purchasing a water heating system for your household can be a vital investment. Be sure to use this information and purchase a system that won't inconvenience you and your family.