What Services Are Included During An AC Tune-Up?

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What Services Are Included During An AC Tune-Up?

6 December 2021
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Air conditioning maintenance is important to keep your unit running efficiently and reliably. One way to maintain your unit is to schedule an AC tune-up, but what services should you expect during this time?

Coil Cleaning

An air conditioning unit relies majorly on two metal coils to function: the condenser and evaporator coil. These coils transport the refrigerant throughout the air conditioning unit, enabling the unit to cool your home. The condenser coil is located on the outside, while the evaporator coil is located on the inside.

Over time, dust accumulates on these coils and forms an additional dirt layer like a blanket. The dust thus insulates the coil, preventing heat transfer. Consequently, dust and dirt reduce the effectiveness of the system. During the tune-up, the technician will clean the coils to improve their efficiency and that of the unit.

Components Inspection

During your AC tune-up, the technician will also inspect your unit's vents, ducts, and blower. They inspect vents and ducts to ensure there aren't any leaks, which could reduce your unit's efficiency and result in wasted energy.

Additionally, they will inspect the blower to ensure the access door is tightly sealed to prevent air from escaping. The technician will detach the blower, inspect and clean it.

Electrical Connection Checking

An air conditioning unit depends on electricity to function. So, during installation, the unit is connected to the electrical grid, which has numerous electrical connections around the house. After some years, these connections are bound to get loose.

When you schedule an AC tune-up, the technician will check on these connections and tighten any that may become loose over time. Electrical connection checking also helps prevent a fire due to loose connections, which could cause sparking or overheating problems.

Important Tests and Efficient Adjustments

The expert will conduct various tests during your AC tune-up to assess if your air conditioning unit is functioning properly. They will test the compressor output and other components of the unit.

If the technician identifies components that need adjustments, they will make these adjustments during the tune-up. Minor adjustments have a significant impact on the performance of your unit. However, proper calibrations help increase its efficiency. Common adjustments include lubricating bearings and balancing supply registers.

Schedule Your AC Tune-up Today

An AC tune-up helps ensure every component of your unit is well functioning. It also enhances the safety of your home as all connections to the air conditioner are checked and adjusted. Schedule your AC tune-up today and enjoy better heating and cooling from your unit. For more information, contact an AC service