Is It Possible To Minimize Air Conditioning Expenses During Summer?

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Is It Possible To Minimize Air Conditioning Expenses During Summer?

13 April 2022
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Although an air conditioning system helps cool your home throughout summer, your utility bill can increase significantly if you aren't careful. The key to keeping your energy bills low is to put in some work on your part. For instance, knowing when to seek air conditioning services for repairs or maintenance can enhance the unit's efficiency and even increase its longevity. This piece will share helpful ways to minimize your cooling costs all summer.

Keep the Filters and Vents Clean 

Once you install an air conditioning unit, your technician will recommend keeping the vents, ducts, and filters clean to ensure the unit performs efficiently. When the HVAC unit draws air in, elements like dust, debris, and dirt get pulled in too. 

Over time, these elements will build up in the system, forcing it to work harder to generate the required cool air; hence, using more energy. Besides, the cool air that's delivered will have contaminants that create an unhealthy environment for your loved ones. 

The only way to save on the utility bills and avoid paying medical expenses is to keep the filters and vents clean. Change the filters frequently and vacuum the areas around the vents. Also, remember to invest in professional maintenance a few times a year.

Run the Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can help your home feel cooler even if the temperatures indoors are high. When you run the fans along with the AC, you will increase the thermostat by several degrees without feeling uncomfortable. 

Besides helping cool the rooms, the fans reduce the costs of running the air conditioning system since operating a fan consumes less energy in an hour than the air conditioner. Make sure you run fans only in occupied rooms.

Get Solar Screens and Window Treatments

Another way to avoid overworking your air conditioning unit is to find a reliable way to keep the cool air indoors and ensure solar heat doesn't get into the house. You can accomplish this by installing shades, blinds, solar screens, shutters, and curtains/drapes. 

These options are suitable for doors and windows that get a lot of sunshine, particularly those that face the east or west, and will ensure the sun rays don't get into the house. The screens also keep insects away from the house when you open the doors or windows, so you can install them on either side of the doors or windows, in roller shades or fixed panels.