Factors Affecting Duct Replacement Cost

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Factors Affecting Duct Replacement Cost

28 November 2022
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Many HVAC systems use ductwork to circulate air inside the house. If you have such a system, the HVAC system cannot work efficiently with a damaged duct system. You will have to replace or repair the ductwork, depending on its condition. Below are some factors that determine the replacement budget.

Duct Type and Material

Duct materials are either flexible or rigid. Flexible materials, such as aluminum and polyester, are relatively more affordable than rigid materials, such as galvanized steel. The duct insulation material also affects the price. For example, ductwork in open spaces such as attics requires significant insulation, increasing the overall duct installation cost.

Home Size and Layout

Your home's size and layout determine the length and configuration of the ductwork. Remember, the ductwork should supply and collect air to and from all the parts of the house. Therefore, a one-thousand square footage house may require smaller footprint ductwork than a three-thousand square foot house.

The configuration comes into play since it determines the ductwork's design and placement. For example, multistory homes and homes with multiple rooms may require more ductwork than single-story homes or those with fewer rooms. More duct length translates to more labor and material budget.

Duct Run Accessibility

The HVAC contractor will assess their labor based on how easily they can access the duct runs and do their work. For example, the labor cost increases if the contractor has to remove and replace a drop ceiling or drywall as part of the ductwork replacement. In short, expect lower prices if the workers can easily access the existing ductwork.

Zoning Dampers

The accessories you must replace during duct replacement also affect the price. For example, houses with zoned HVAC systems have dampers that open and close to regulate airflow to different parts of the house. The dampers are either manual or automatic. If you have such accessories, the contractor has to replace them while working on your ductwork.

Prevailing Labor Costs

Lastly, labor costs vary even for the same HVAC works. The variations are why you should get multiple quotes before commissioning a duct replacement project. Your location, season, and even the HVAC company's experience determine labor rates. Schedule the replacement off-season to enjoy affordable rates.

Contact an HVAC contractor to assess the ductwork's condition and advise you on whether a repair or replacement is warranted. Remember, sound ductwork will save you money in the end due to enhanced energy efficiency. 

For more information about HVAC services, contact a local company.