Stay Comfortable And Safe: What To Do If Your Boiler Stops Working

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Stay Comfortable And Safe: What To Do If Your Boiler Stops Working

3 November 2023
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Your home's boiler should consistently supply heat and hot water when needed. However, what would you do if it suddenly stopped working? This is a common dilemma faced by many homeowners, especially during the colder months. Managing your boiler problems properly ensures your family's comfort and safety. 

Identify the Problem

When your boiler suddenly stops working, the first thing you should do is identify what the problem might be. Check if the boiler's pilot light is still on or if it's off. If the light is off, you may need to follow the manufacturer's instructions to reignite it. It's also possible that the boiler's thermostat is set too low or not working properly. Review the thermostat's settings to see if it's properly adjusted. Sometimes, the circulating pump may have stopped, preventing the water from circulating and causing the system to shut down. Check if there is any unusual noise coming from the boiler. Once you've identified the issue, you can take further steps to fix the problem.

Check for Leaks

Boiler leaks must be addressed immediately as they can lead to significant system problems, including corrosion and other dangerous side effects. Check for any signs of leaks. If you notice water around the boiler or hot water tank, you should call a professional boiler technician right away. Ensure you are safe by turning off the electricity supply and isolating the water supply to avoid accidents.

Call a Professional

If your boiler issue isn't something that you can fix on your own, it's best to call a professional. It's not recommended to try and conduct repairs unless you have the proper training and experience. Calling a reputable and experienced boiler technician guarantees that your boiler will be repaired safely and efficiently. Regular maintenance can also prevent most boiler problems, so it's crucial to schedule annual service checks with your local boiler technician.

Stay Safe in the Meantime 

If you can't fix your boiler right away and need to wait for the technician to arrive, make sure you keep warm by dressing in layers, especially if the weather is cold. Avoid using alternative heating sources, such as ovens or space heaters, as they present potential safety hazards. Close your curtains and doors to prevent drafts, and keep your windows closed. Keep an eye on family and pets to ensure that they are also staying warm.

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