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Up until a few years ago, I would get sick whenever the seasons would change. I couldn't figure it out, until one day when an HVAC contractor pointed out my filthy air filters. I am embarrassed to say it, but I didn't know that air filters had to be changed at all, and all of that filthy air was circulating through my home. After I changed the air filters and started to take care of my HVAC system, my allergies got a lot better and I didn't feel as sick. I want other people to understand the massive benefits of taking care of their HVAC systems, so I put up this website.


2 Ways To Stay Cool And Keep Your AC Bill Down

12 September 2017
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If you live in a hot area, then you probably run your air conditioning system a lot. While that can keep you nice and cool, it can also mean that you are paying a lot for your electricity. You don't want to be hot, but high electricity bills make it hard to keep it as cool as you would like. So, here are some things that you can do that will help you stay cool while still keeping your electric bill down to a reasonable level. Read More …

Need A New Water Heater? Ask Yourself These Questions First

17 August 2017
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For many households, going without hot water is out of the question, which makes a successful water heater installation all the more important. But before you run out and buy another water heater, you might want to take this opportunity to figure out exactly what your home needs from its water heater. What's Your Budget? Before you start looking for a new water heater, you should learn exactly how much water heater you'll be able to afford. Read More …

Tackling A Frozen Window Air Conditioner With Likely Causes And Solutions

17 August 2017
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Even though centrally integrated cooling systems are usually a more efficient option, many homeowners have to rely on a window air conditioning unit to keep their homes cooled. If you have one of these more portable cooling units, you can expect to get quite a bit of use out of it. However, these window units do not come without problems. One of the most common problems you could face with a window unit is seeing it glaze over with ice in such a way that it will no longer offer cool air. Read More …

What Are The Best Air Conditioning Options If Your Home Has A Radiator?

7 August 2017
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Historic homes have a number of distinct advantages over newer builds, including the sturdiness inherent within thick brick and plaster walls. However, these homes often lacked modern amenities like whole-house air conditioning and plumbing durable enough to service a large number of bathrooms, which can mean that a seemingly simple upgrade can actually be a significant challenge. If your home is heated with a radiator and lacks the ductwork for central air conditioning, what are your best home cooling options? Read More …

Solving The Mystery Of Wet Floors: A Plumber’s Tale

26 July 2017
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If you have recently experienced wet feet or wet socks on a bare floor in your kitchen or bathroom, you know how shocking this can be. When you do not have children to blame, it is even more confounding. How did the floor get wet, and why is it a river of wet so close to cupboards and areas where there should be no water? It is time to invite a plumber into your home to investigate. Read More …