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Up until a few years ago, I would get sick whenever the seasons would change. I couldn't figure it out, until one day when an HVAC contractor pointed out my filthy air filters. I am embarrassed to say it, but I didn't know that air filters had to be changed at all, and all of that filthy air was circulating through my home. After I changed the air filters and started to take care of my HVAC system, my allergies got a lot better and I didn't feel as sick. I want other people to understand the massive benefits of taking care of their HVAC systems, so I put up this website.


Maintain Or Upgrade — What Should You Do With Your Aging HVAC System?

8 May 2023
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All home HVAC systems will eventually fail. While furnaces and air conditioners are relatively long-lived appliances, the cost to maintain and repair an old system often isn't worth it compared to a more modern replacement. However, knowing when your system crosses that critical line isn't always easy, especially if you're trying to avoid unnecessary expenses. If your home has an older HVAC system, you will face one unavoidable choice as the years pile on: continue maintaining your old equipment or upgrade to a newer, more efficient system. Read More …

Furnace Repair Services: 4 Repair Solutions Your Technician Can Offer To Fix Malfunctioning Electronic Ignition

14 April 2023
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It is common for homeowners to face a problem with their furnaces when the winter season starts. One of the most common issues faced by homeowners is a malfunctioning electronic ignition. It can cause the furnace to be less efficient and even create safety hazards. For instance, it can cause carbon monoxide to enter your home, putting the occupants at risk. Thankfully, there are several repair solutions a technician can offer to fix the problem. Read More …

Cooling Your Home With A New Ductless AC System

24 March 2023
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If you are looking for an efficient and flexible way to cool your home, a ductless AC system may be the perfect solution. Ductless systems are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners due to their energy-saving features, flexible installation options, and ease of use. However, before you decide to install a ductless AC system in your home, it is important to understand how these systems work and the benefits they offer. Read More …

A Few Heater Repair Tips To Try Before Calling The HVAC Contractors

6 March 2023
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When the temperatures begin to drop, it's important to make sure that your heater is in good working order. If you're experiencing issues with your heater, there are some basic steps that you can take to troubleshoot and repair the problem. Here are some tips for heater repair that can help you stay warm and cozy all winter long. Check the Thermostat The first thing to check when your heater isn't working properly is the thermostat. Read More …

How an AC Air Handler Works and How to Maintain It

24 January 2023
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HVAC is a powerful system that is capable of heating and cooling your home. However, for the AC to circulate the conditioned air throughout your home, it needs to be taken by the air handler and circulated throughout your home. Understanding how this system works is important because if it fails you will not be able to heat and cool your home. How the Air Handler Works The air handler is connected to the return plenum. Read More …